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Bill Atkinson's Epson Profiles

I realise I may be incredibly out of date here but I've just been printing images for the upcoming Insomnia exhibition and was unhappy with the colours I was getting with Epson's Premium Lustre paper printed on a 7600.  It seemed that the profiles just weren't dealing with the highly saturated reds and oranges inherent to most of the series.  So after a quick internet search I found the profiles Bill created and then gave away to the Epson community (they are now the official Epson Profiles), and downloaded them to see if they'd help.  In a word - phenomenal!  His profiles have really enabled me to capture the images in print as they should be - smooth and intensely saturated tones including strong reds that are actually red, not pink.  The overall and local contrast have both improved also. In the image above I've tried to emulate the difference between the profiles - Bill's is on the left and the original Epson on the right.  All I can say is thank you very much Bill!  Check his exceptional landscape work out at his website here.  So if you've got a 7600 or 9600 and haven't updated your profiles - do so!